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  • VersionTech Wireless Messenger Attachment for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One Controllers

    The Xbox 360 and the Xbox One controllers are great. They are ergonomically designed so that you can play for hours without having to worry about hand pain.

    The Xbox One controller is a major improvement over the Xbox 360, but it is not to discount the Xbox 360’s controller since it is still great.

    But, both of these controllers suffer from one thing: typing messages. You see, typing messages on game consoles is a cumbersome process. You have to manually navigate through each letter on the screen and it is really time-consuming to do so.

    Wouldn’t it be great if there is a detachable keyboard that you can put on the Xbox controllers so that you can type messages with ease?

    There is actually an attachment for that and it will be the scope of the article. In this article, I will talk about the VersionTech Wireless Messenger Attachment for both of the Xbox Game console controllers.

    Basically, the VersionTech Wireless Messenger is a keyboard addon that you can attach on the Xbox game controllers. It should be attached to the bottom portion of the Xbox controllers. The attachment fits snugly on the game controller so you will know if it is correctly in place.

    The VersionTech Wireless Messenger has 47 keys that mimic the basic functions of the keyboard. It’s got all the letters and numbers from 0-9, and it also has the necessary punctuation marks as well.

    There are also dedicated modifier keys such as ctrl, alt, and delete. The keyboard feels like a standard chiclet keyboard. It is a little bit mushy for my tastes but that is because I grew accustomed to mechanical keyboards.

    This is not to say that the VersionTech Wireless Messenger is bad when it comes to tactile feedback. It is actually quite responsive and I love the fact that you can type fast and every letter is registered on screen without any hitches.

    Because this addon is attached at the bottom portion of the game controller, the VersionTech Wireless Messenger also comes with a 2.5mm headphone jack that should replace the 2.5mm that it’s going to cover. This means that you do not have to worry about covering the headphone jack since it will be replaced with the attachment.

    In case you’re wondering how this thing works, it’s got some built-in batteries. All you have to do is plug the USB receiver on the controller port of your Xbox game console and you’re good to go.

    It works right off the bat. Just plug it in and the game console will recognize the addon. After which, you can now start typing your messages with the keyboard.

    The keys, albeit small for some, is actually good enough for most use cases. If you have bigger fingers, you may need to have a little time getting used to the buttons, but that is not really something you should worry about.

    If you want to type like a champ when playing with your Xbox game consoles, then get yourself a VersionTech Wireless Messenger keyboard attachment.