Recent advancements in medical science have made it possible for humans to take shots of HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone artificially. The hormone which is primarily associated with pregnancy related affairs has been found to be very useful in a number of other conditions as well. When taken under medical supervision, the HCG injections can bring about a lot of noticeable changes in the human body. Some of the major impacts of taking an HCG injection are mentioned in this article.

Helps in increasing sperm count in men

With right dosage, HCG injections have been found to increase the count of sperms in male semen in as many as 90% cases. This is made possible by the fact that HCG as a hormone is responsible for the production of sperms and when administered externally by means of these shots, the hormone triggers the increased production of the sperms in the male body.

Helps in correcting poor levels of testosterones in men

Incorrect levels of testosterone in human body can create a lot of anomalies. With the help of HCG injections, one can easily increase the testosterone levels which bring loads of benefits along with it. Some of the major benefits include higher virility in men, increased energy and endurance levels during a sexual act, increased growth of healthy hair on the body, increase in the count of red blood cells, and finally improved flow of blood that supports a healthy cardiovascular system.

Increases chances of fertility in women

HCG injections are known for helping women who have been treating their infertility for quite some time. The injections help in the process of ovulation by supporting the normal development of the egg in the ovary as well as stimulate the release of the egg during the process of ovulation. It is also being recommended by obstetricians and gynecologists to maintain the pregnancy without any issues.

Helps in treating conditions like cryptorchidism

Cryptorchidism is a medical condition in men where the testes do not get dropped into the scrotum. This common birth defect of undescended tested can be treated with prescribed dosages of HCG injections.

Helps in reducing weight

HCG injections are found to be playing a major role in reducing weight. Owing to the amazingly positive results where an individual stands the chance to lose 1-2 pounds every day, the craze for taking HCG shots has been overwhelming among the people who are obese by nature.

Helps in better metabolism

HCG shots are believed to be doing a great role in increasing the metabolism in human body. This means that with regular doses of HCG shots, the number of calories that are burnt at rest would be increasing significantly and that is one of the reasons why HCG diet has been so promising in terms of losing weight or maintaining body muscles.

Any type of external hormone administration should be done under proper medical supervision and when it comes to the HCG hormone, there is no bend in the law. As this hormone is pretty powerful in nature, the usage of HCG injection should only be carried out when it would be prescribed by a registered medical practitioner.

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